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Top Five Best Portable Electric Heater Reviews

The best portable electric heater has two significant benefits that make a portable electric heater best. The first one is the lightweight form which makes it easy to move to different areas. Also, portable electric heaters are cheaper. Therefore, whether you want to set the heater in the living room or your bedroom, you can efficiently move it around.

Other benefits of the best portable electric heater

Easy to use

With a portable electric heater, you don’t need to invest in any installation personnel. The portable heaters have electrical plugs; hence, all you need to do is plug it to power. Switching on and off is comfortable with the equipped control knob.


Conserves energy

Energy-saving devices help save on electric bills, and in conserving the environmental energy. Well, unlike the inbuilt heaters which warm an entire house, the portable heater focus in the room is set. This is the reason why you have to move it to the place you wish to heat. In return, it helps to save on energy consumption without compromising your family’s warmth around the house.


It is essential to use cautious health devices, especially in homes with small kids. Unlike the fuel heaters which emit fumes when switched on, the portable heaters solely rely on electricity. So, there are no fumes emitted hence ensuring your family is entirely safe from carbon monoxide. The heaters are equipped with a heat regulation knob, which allows the user to control the amount of heat emitted.


The portable electric heaters can be used anywhere as long as there is a power supply. So, if you are going camping in cold regions, pack the device to provide warmth at your camping site.

The Top five best portable electric heaters in 2020

1. Dyson AM09 Hot portable electric heater

portable electric heater1

If you are looking for a portable heater to use in a small room, then get this model. It has a heat regulation which ranges from 1 to 37 degrees. The base measures about 204 mm in diameter hence do not take ample storage space in the house. The heater features an air multiplier technology that ensures ample disperses of air around the house.

You can comfortably set this heater in your kids’ room as it does not produce any burning smell.

Other features that make it recommendable include

Tip-over the automatic cut out.

Whereby it immediately goes off in case, you stumble on it, or it overheats.


It does not consume much energy. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your electric bills going higher.

Heat regulation:

The ability to regulate heat usage makes it ideal to use all year round.

Cool fan heating power:

The heater is equipped with a cool fun which ensures balanced heat emission in a room.

2. Dimplex OFRC20N portable electric heater

portable electric heater2

This heater is made by one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies. Hence, the quality and durability of the device are guaranteed. The price is also fair as it retails at 75 dollars, making it affordable by the majority of people.

Other features include-


It is quite easy to transport this heater from one room to the other thanks to its lightweight.

Quick warm:

Ones the device is turned on, it takes a few seconds to warm up, unlike other brands.

Small size:

This heater is ideal for people with small to medium rooms or if you want to carry it when going camping. It is crafted in a short form which allows it to fit in small areas.

 Base wheels:

Apart from the light form, the device has wheels at the bottom for easy pulling and pushing when moving it.

Control knobs:

The Dimplex portable heater has two control knobs. One for regulating the heat disperse and the other one for putting on and off the device.

3. Pifco Upright Portable Fan Heater and air Cooler portable electric heater

portable electric heater3

The heater is ideal for heating a medium room as it has a heat disperse that ranges from 1000 to 2000 watts. It features a flat base that allows it to sit well on the surface.

Other features-

Adjustable thermal and cooler:

The Pifco portable heater has two thermostatic adjustable to allow heat regulation. The availability of the cooling effect ensures there is a right balance of the dispersed heat.

 A carrying handle:

The device has an integrated carrying handle which allows easy transportation.

 Power indicator:

You can easily monitor power consumption as the device features a power indicator.


For customer quality assurance, the heater is sold with a three-year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.

 4. OKELAY 1800W/1900W Electric Fan Heater

portable electric heater4

You can comfortably set this heater in your bedroom as it burns in a mute mode to avoid distraction when sleeping. It has elegant ceramic spaces for efficient heat dispersion.

Other features-

Auto shut off:

The heater immediately goes off in case it overheats to ensure the safety of the family. Note that the device also quickly goes off if accidentally hit.


You can use it in different parts of the house and offices too. This is because it takes less time to heat up and has different regulatory options.

 Compact lightweight:

You don’t have to worry about the heater taking too much space in your house or office as it features small design. It is super light in weight hence moving it around is quite convenient.

 Adjustable heat:

The heater has an adjustable thermostatic which can be tuned from 900 watts to 1800 watts. This allows you to set in your preferred heat.

Easy to use:

The top area has two control knobs for switching on and off, while the other is essential for regulating the heat.


This portable heater is sold with a three-year warranty against the manufacturers’ defects.

5. NUUR Ceramic Electric Space Heater

portable electric heater5

The heater has an inbuilt automatic oscillation heater which ensures there is a cooling effect to balance the heat.

It is quite easy to carry around as it is equipped with a carrying handle.

Other features-

PTC heating technology:

This feature ensures the heater takes less time to heat the room. The technology still, minimizes the heat consumption around the home.

Tip-Over protection:

The feature enables the heater to go off in case it overheats. Other than that, it allows the device to shut off when you accidentally hit it.

Versatile in use:

The ability to regulate the heat output allows the heater to be functionally all round the seasons.


The best portable electric heater is a great heating option for people with small rooms or if you want to minimize heat consumption in your home. They come in different heat consumption power for customers to choose their preferred gadget depending on the room to set up. If you have small children in the house, choose a heater with tip-over protection for safety.

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