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Are you a parent who wishes well for your child? You can never claim so, without acquiring and making use of a good high chair for the job. This is a piece of equipment that is obscure and largely out of the familiar range of many people who might need it. We understand this fact only too well.

That is why we have stepped in to offer you some insight on this item. For a start, a high chair is a piece of furniture that serves the purpose of feeding elderly babies and younger toddlers alike. This seat is generally raised from the ground in such a way as to let an adult easily administer the feeds and drinks without having to stoop too low.

At the same time, it also maintains the child in a state of awesome comfort and position. Lastly, a chair of this kind has a wider base to accord the stability that is needed to maintain your child in a safe and secure posture all the time of feeding.

Our goal in the entire review is to explain to you one such item, JOOVY Nook High Chair, Charcoal, in totality. We believe it is only by obtaining sound guidance that you will enjoy your parenthood well.


As the name suggests, the chair is manufactured by Joovy. This one is a manufacturer of baby care products such as clothing, shoes, and other items. The brand is largely known to produce items of higher quality. If you want to enjoy prolonged periods of reliable services, you have no worthier companion than this brand. The chair, in particular, is intended for the busy mother who has no much time for the baby.


If you cannot read the entire post, for now, these are the top features and strong points of this chair. Make an effort though to come back later and read the entire review.

  • Features a removable swing tray that adjusts in four positions.
  • Simpler to clean, care for and maintain. All you have to do is wipe out the dirt using a clean and dry piece of cloth.
  • Comes about in a compact size which also makes for easy transportation, storage, and handling
  • Its floor pads do not scratch as is the case with the other kinds of chairs.
  • Higher weight capacity of around 50 pounds.


  1. Incredible customer service
  2. Upgradable parts and features
  3. Seamless operability
  4. Convenient handling and operations
  5. Comprehensive size and packaging


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Definitely, the JOOVY Nook High Chair, Charcoal is not the only high chair in existence at the moment. Indeed, there are many kinds of items out there. Here now comes the question. Why should you fall for this chair specifically? The answer to this question determines to a large extent whether indeed this chair is worthwhile or not.

Well, a combination of factors plays out to make this a good chair. Chief is the fact that it has a pretty awesome weight capacity of 50 pounds. This combines its spacious size to let you carry multiple occupants at a time. It comes in handy when you have many kids to transport at a time.

The fact that it accepts many accessories and accommodates future upgrades also comes in. You will not have to purchase new and better chairs every now and then as is the case with the other seats of its kind. Instead, you only have to find those new parts and attach them to the seat.


We now look into the factors and features that combine to set this chair apart from the many others out there. Remember, it is these factors that will add the value you need and let you care for your baby well and unhindered. Here we go:

Swing-open Tray

An open swing tray comes in first among the list of the many excellent features of this chair. It basically makes it possible for you to place the feeds and other items your child might need in the course of enjoying its time. The tray swings to allow for easy engagement and operations.

Other than that, the tray also makes the placement of your child into the chair an easier task. One other distinctive aspect of this tray is that it detaches to allow for easier cleanliness and maintenance. This is not to mention that it is also dishwasher-safe and goes a long way in expediting care and maintenance.

Adjustable Tray

An adjustable tray also comes in. This one is for placing heavier loads which may not be accommodated by the swing trays. It does have some four-depth adjustments which let you position it appropriately in response to the unique heights and requirements of your child.

On account of this, the chair will do you some good as it will certainly ‘grow’ with your child along. You will not have to change and purchase a new one every other time. This definitely results in lower operational expenses on your part and relative peace of mind. Why would you want to waste your time elsewhere?

Compact Fold

Unlike many other chairs, this one folds to allow for easier storage and transportation. You will require this trait when taking on those applications which demand regular travels and journeying. In particular, you will find the chair a good one to make do within the beach and overseas.

Other than expediting your travels, this trait also spares you from the need to set aside plenty of storage space when the item is no longer in use. With collapsed dimensions, the item will not have to require that you devote too much space for the sake of handling and accommodating it in the meantime. What’s more? It is light enough to travel around with!

Comfortable Leatherette Seat

At its core is the comfortable leatherette seat. The seat is unlike any other. It comes about in a padded composure, a fact that adds to the comfort and wellbeing of your child. As part of its makeup, the seat also confers adequate support to your child and prevents it from being numb when on it.

Though deluxe and padded, the seat is also easier to wash and keep. This mainly draws from the fact that it is machine-washable and detachable. No matter how severe the soiling could be, you may count on this seat not to let you down but guarantee you hassle-free operations. Choose it for your restless child!

Expandable Size

Many chairs of these kinds are ordinarily bulkier and heavier. The reason is that they have to bear and accommodate much weight. While this is understandable, it is unfortunate because it impedes the smooth operations with regards to the handling and transportation of the seats. The manufacturer of this one understands this fact only too well.

That is why it has seen to it that it makes this seat easier to store, handle and carry around. The seat is not only compact in size but also expands and retracts to respond to the unique sizes of your baby. You will, therefore, find it quite simpler to handle and maneuver out and about when compared to the other competing models.

Unparalleled Stability

When fully deployed, the seat provides unparalleled stability to your baby. Its base opens wider to make the entire structure strong and stable enough. Its trays also open flat to provide you the space you need to place the feeds and drinks of your baby. Several advantages accrue from these two arrangements.

The flat trays will give you stable spaces to place your meals. Then, it does not fidget unnecessarily as others do, courtesy of this stability. This also contributes to the peace of mind your child needs to take advantage of to enjoy its meals. Chances of the food spilling onto the ground are hence curtailed to the maximum possible extent.

Seamless Adjustability

Apart from the trays, many other parts and components of the chair adjust to allow you to provide your child with the best positions and support possible. Examples of these are the seats, the frames, and the handles. This trait of adjustability also lets the chair as a whole to ‘grow’ with your baby from scratch to finish.

With this chair in your possession, you will not have to discard and acquire a new seat every now and then. Instead, you will just purchase one and there you go! You cannot afford to look elsewhere if you are intent on cutting down your operational expenses and maximize the returns to investments.

Highly Upgradable

Over and above merely growing with your child, this seat is also upgradable. This simply means that it accepts many attachments, accessories, and other new features from time to time. In this way, the seat lets you enjoy the pleasure of not having to discard your prematurely in favor of a new one too soon!

Instead, you just identify those parts and components which you feel should be part of the system and there you have it! This is also a sure way of staying abreast of the ongoing and progress of the seat. You seriously have no cheaper way of handling your child and its growing needs without such a trait.


Many seats of its kind require some assembly before use. The case is however completely different from this one. Instead, it comes fully assembled and ready for eventual use. All you have to do is get it out of the box and there you go! A number of benefits come along as a result of the existence of this arrangement.

For one, you will not have to expend too much of your time to be able to deploy this item for use. Then, your level of expertise also need not necessarily be too high. You can, in fact, manage and handle it with the least level of expertise available. All these combine to make your experiences all the more joyous.

Awesome Weight Capacity

Rounding up the list of its most adorable traits is the awesome weight capacity of around 50 pounds. This stems from the strong parts and components which make the entire structure up. It hardly collapses under its own weight but confers only the support and reliability necessary to do good bidding.

We have already explained earlier than the structure is spacious. Combine the higher weight capacity and the spacious interior and what you get is the ability to carry multiple occupants without the risk of damaging the entire structure at all. This is not to point out that it performs well in treacherous terrains too!


  • Relatively simpler to clean and maintain
  • Easily operable courtesy of the four adjustments
  • Dishwasher-safe parts and components
  • Padded and comfortable leatherette seats
  • Saves greatly on space and traveling effort


  • Costs a premium to acquire
  • Slightly weightier than many other chairs
  • Demands above-average muscle power


Q1. Does the Joovy nook high chair recline?

A. Unfortunately, NO! It is not optimized for reclining as it is meant to give your child the excellent support it requires to feed and thrive. This notwithstanding, the gadget opens, swings, and moves about easily. All these maneuvers are operable easily thanks to the ease of operations it guarantees.

Q2. How do babies sit up in a high chair?

A. You should see to it that you place the babies right at the center of the seats. Preferably, there should be some cushions or pillows that are stashed around and about the baby. Then, you have to deploy the trays to keep the focus of the baby engrossed onto them to prevent falling off.

Q3. Are wooden high chairs safe?

A. This depends on the kind of finish that is used to adorn the exterior of the wood. For the safety to be ensured, the wood has to contain finish that is devoid of lead or other harmful toxins. Then, it also has to be constructed in line with the stringent standards that are in vogue at the moment.

Q4. When should you stop using a high chair?

A. Generally speaking, you should use this chair as long as the baby lacks the ability to sit upright and on its own. This occurs sometime between 9-12 months. It is at this time that the baby can now sit on its own and even start balancing on its two feet unaided.

Q5. How do I clean my JOOVY Nook High Chair cover?

A. The kind of approach you employ depends on and is highly determined by the materials that make each part up. The wooden parts require a clean cloth that is slightly wet. As for the metallic parts, a dust blower or extremely dry rag may be necessary. The leather components may require some blowers to impact though.

Q6. Does a JOOVY Nook High Chair have a footrest?

A. All of them do have the footrest, but just as a precautionary measure. Many children are not big enough to require these footrests in the first place. The footrests fold and stack away to allow for smooth transportation and storage if and when the circumstances so dictate. This is not to mention the easy cleaning.

Q7. Can my 4-month-old sit in a high chair?

A. NOT really! Many expert pediatricians recommend only those babies that are 6 months or older to sit on these chairs. Any younger than this will usually be too premature to be able to fit smoothly within the entire structure. The baby might even sustain injuries when carried around from place to place.

Q8. Does the JOOVY Nook High Chair fold up?

A. YES, they do! We have already explained that these chairs fold up to allow for easier storage and transportation. Thanks to this folding trait, you will also experience limited hassles when the item is no longer in use and in need of stashing to a foreign place.

Q9. When can babies sit in a high chair in restaurants?

A. Just like using these kinds of furniture, the babies need to be no less than 6 months before they may sit on these chairs in a restaurant setting. The reasons are pretty much the same. A baby that is less than 6 months is ill-developed to balance on its own. Moreover, it can also sustain injuries easily when shaken and fidgety.

Q10. How much does JOOVY Nook High Chair cost?

A. These chairs come in various shapes and sizes. The differences in the shapes and sizes have a bearing on the actual amount of money you might have to part with to afford yours. Generally, though, you should be ready to spend $90, give or take. Never hesitate to bargain for the best deals.


We now devote this segment to those reviews and testimonials that past users have to say with regards to their experience in the use of this wonderful product:

“I once had a rough time babysitting my child. Each time I put it in whichever position, it fidgeted, became uncomfortable, and ended up crying. No matter how much I would pamper it, the child would still cry. All these came to an end when I laid my hands on this wonderful high chair. It did the trick and my baby is nowadays calm and comforted.” Alain Sirleaf, Seattle, WA.

“This is not the first high chair I have ever attempted to lay my hands on. Indeed, before settling on this one, I had attempted a couple of others with no success. They were bulky, became too obsolete too soon, and were strenuous to handle and carry around. This one gave me some relief due to its foldable nature.” Alexander Smith, Toledo, OH.

“I really admire the smoothness and comfort that the chair gives off. Its deluxe leatherette seat particular stands out. It is not only soft but also easier to make clean. This is not to mention the fact that it accords much comfort to the baby whenever it sits on it. My baby has never sustained any numbness ever since I laid my hands on it.” Nicole Betty, Waco, TX.

“A combination of factors really makes me admire this high chair. It is colorful enough to make my room and baby interior quite breathtaking. By reason of the strong parts and components, it hardly sustains damages. Lastly, it also ‘grows’ with my baby and negates the need for frequent repairs and maintenance. I have never lived to regret investing my money in it.” Henry Johnson, Huntsville, AL.

“Don’t I just love and admire the chair’s awesome functionality? I mean, I have never placed my hands on a seat that is more comfortable and highly reliable like this one. Indeed, it embodies all the vital traits that a good chair of its kind is ordinarily expected to possess. I will recommend it 1,000 times if possible!” Harben Boris, Tallahassee, FL.


We have truly done our best to explain to you’re the finer details of this chair. Having done that, we are now confident that you may go ahead and purchase it for the care of your baby. Many past readers of our posts have unfortunately been unable to do so even after reading through the posts.

Quite a number have indeed gone ahead to seek further assistance and support from us. We have lived true to our promise of bettering the lives of the readers of our posts. That is why we have always provided the support they need promptly and in the manner they expect. Feel free to reach out to us for any further queries.

Have you found our insight eye-opening? Could it be that there is a certain issue which you would want to be clarified? Talk to us. We are always ready to listen to people like you. It is also a good thing to share the post far and wide. You definitely want others to enjoy the same advantages as you. Don’t you? All the best as you set out.

I hope this high chair review will help you to choose the best one for your baby.

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