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Our two-part discussions below endeavor to do just that. In the first part, we shall look into those factors to consider while seeking the right bathroom lighting. We have devoted the second part to those frequently asked questions with regards to modern bathroom lighting.

Bathrooms are great parts and rooms of our homes. These are where we retreat to when we want to relieve ourselves or bathe. Given their importance in helping us to keep clean, it is only fair if we add some color and life to them. It is impossible to achieve this feat without receiving some appropriate guidance to this end.


To be able to arrive at the best kind of light, you have to take care of some issues. Below are the top factors to consider while setting out to this job:

Bathroom Configuration

The configuration of your bathroom comes in first among the factors you have to consider. That is because it determines the kind of shape and structure of lighting that your bulb ought to have. You should go ahead and find that bulb which is more likely to fit within the stated space.

Desired Illumination vs. Lighting Wattage

Lighting mechanisms come in various kinds of wattage ratings. These ratings determine the levels of brightness which the bulbs may give off. You have to choose the kind of a bulb which is bright enough for your room. To do this, consider your desired levels of illumination to ensure a perfect match.


Other than their primary role of illuminating your bathrooms, these lighting mechanisms also play the secondary role of enhancing the aesthetics of your rooms. You hence have to pay some keen attention to the styles in which they come and the kinds of decorations they exhibit. It is certainly in your best interest to find one that is breathtaking to behold.

Color Schemes

Each bathroom comes along in its own set of colors. It is definitely a good thing to match the color of the lighting mechanism with those of your own bathrooms. This is to prevent any clashes and also guarantee you the elegant looks you might be desiring.

Physical Size

Lastly, come the physical sizes of the lighting mechanisms themselves. You have to see to it that the bulbs and every other paraphernalia fit within the limited space available. This is to prevent any confusion and other issues that might compromise your own experiences later. Measure the space first and foremost before proceeding to find the right one.


modern bathroom lighting1

Q1. What kind of lighting is best for bathrooms?

A. Though you are free to find the color and lighting of your choice, certain guidelines and recommendations to this end do exist. Generally speaking, you are advised to settle for a color temperature of around 2,700K- 3,000K. These ratings have been noted to produce sufficient levels of light and illumination.

Q2. Can any light go in a bathroom?

A, NOT REALLY! Some rules and regulations do exist. These govern the kinds of lights which you may use in the various parts of your bathrooms. The rules cover the IP ratings, sizes of the bulbs, and the other essential aspects of a lighting mechanism.

Q3. What is the best lighting for makeup?

A. Looking for some lighting to aid in the application of your makeups? You are advised to prioritize warm or natural sources. These will provide the most accurate reflections of your faces and let you apply the right mix of the makeups.

Q4. How many lights do I need in my bathroom?

A. You only need one light which is capable of producing sufficient illumination for your rooms. Then again, the number of slots in your bathroom also counts. If yours has slots for more than one lighting, go ahead and find the number of bulbs. Consider also the desired wattage and associated ratings.

Q5. What is the best color temperature for bathroom lighting?

A. We have already hinted that the 2,700K-3,00K is the most suited for your bathrooms. It is low enough to prevent you from sustaining overheating yet high enough to keep you warmer than you would under normal circumstances. Any more than this one will often jeopardize your own safety.

Q6. What is the best wattage for bathroom lighting?

A. The kind of wattage for your bathroom varies from bulb to bulb and the color schemes which your bathroom exhibits. A standard bathroom requires an incandescent bulb that is rated 75-100W. This translates to 20-25W LED or 24-26W compact fluorescent.

Q7. Can you put any ceiling light in a bathroom?

A. Yes, but there is a catch. The bulb in question has to be IPx7 rated and usable in an extremely damp area. Then, you have to take deliberate measures to see to it that the said bulb is not fully immersed as to be susceptible to the risk of electric shocks and other attendant dangers.

Q8. Can you use LED lights in a bathroom?

A. YES, you can! As a matter of fact, you are highly advised to do so. These kinds of bulbs are safer and cooler than their incandescent counterparts. They are less likely to sustain electrical shocks and other harms that ordinarily arise when the bulbs get into contact with water.

Q9. Do bathroom lights have to be IP rated?

A. Of course, yes! For one, the abbreviation ‘IP’ with regards to lighting mechanisms stands for “Ingress Protection.” It measures the likelihood of the bulb to withstand the percolation of water and the associated damages that come along. A good set of lighting mechanism has to rate accordingly.

Q10. How much does a good modern bathroom lighting cost?

A. To find a good modern bathroom lighting, you should be prepared to part with $30-$40 for a single sconce to around $400-$500 for a multi-light fixture. The $50 – $200price range is the more reasonable though. The actual cost, however, depends also on your own tastes and the brand of your choice.


With the insight above, we are now sure that you have gained the guidance you need to make a good choice later. Move on now and use the insight we have furnished to select the right kind of a bulb for your use. It is always a good thing to share this information far and wide, with those who might need it.

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