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When unique ceiling fans are mentioned, the first thought to cross your mind is an aesthetic pleasure. However, installing ceiling fans goes beyond beauty. Besides ambiance, they can save you money, whether it’s either summer or winter. That is right.

Advantages of Installing Ceiling Fans

During summer, the fans give your house a cool breeze, which is capable of saving you up to thirty percent of your total cooling cost. Besides the wave of cool air, the motion made by the ceiling fans keeps off pests since it’s challenging for them to fly.

You might not think that something associated with cooling could be of help during winter. But it is possible. By just adjusting the settings of your ceiling fan, the heat in your house can be distributed evenly, saving on heating costs. By default, ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise. Change the spinning direction to clockwise during winter and enjoy the benefits.

Besides saving you money in terms of cooling and heating bills, ceiling fans can double up as a source of light. Usually, most ceiling fans come with a built-in light or a kit where you can install one. Since it is more practical, placing your ceiling fan at the center of the room, the lighting can boost any other source of light in the house.

Ceiling fans are not a reserve for indoor spaces. You can as well install one in outdoor and semi-outdoor areas such as a porch or patio. That means you can still spend some time outdoors at comfortable temperatures.

With the technological advancement in the current society, every device is being integrated with technology. Smart ceiling fans are among such improvements. The smart ceiling fan is wirelessly connected through an application to your phone through Wi-Fi. You can remotely control the fan through your phone and change the speed or change the color of your inbuilt light bulbs. It also comes with Alexa. This is both cost-effective and classy.

Disadvantages of Ceiling Fans

Although ceiling fans generally improve the quality of life, they also have a set of cons.

As much as they have light, the light produced is not as bright as that of a standard house lighting system. Therefore, you cannot wholly depend on the fanlight to carry out activities around the house. As the blades spin, they produce some noise. This noise can be quite distracting, especially in an office or a home with young kids.

Considering where they are installed, cleaning ceiling fans is not a walk in the park. You might require special equipment, or even a ladder to clean them. You also have to go through the same struggle in case of a bulb replacement.

Due to variation in installation techniques, some ceiling fans might hang so low that tall people might have a challenge walking around. However, this is an improbable scenario.

There have been cases of ceiling fans falling due to bad installation techniques or substandard buildings. Ensure the ceiling is strong enough to withstand the weight of the device.

Changing the spinning direction is easy and fast. Stand directly under your ceiling fan, facing any direction, and observe. To change the settings, place the switch on the fan base and flip it in the opposite direction. Be sure to switch your ceiling fan off before flicking the switch.

How to Select Unique Ceiling Fan?

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Choosing the right ceiling fan is paramount to achieving the state of the art results. There are many factors to consider before settling on a particular ceiling fan. Take a look at some of the thing s to be on the lookout for.

Size of the Blade

Bigger blades spin at a slower speed as compared to smaller blades. Therefore, while choosing unique ceiling fans for your home or office, go for bigger blades to avoid items being blown off. Bigger blades might be few, but the performance remains intact.

Settling for the Right Features

Different ceiling fans have various features, which make them unique. They vary in spinning speeds, noise level while operating, light intensity, and remote control features. Choose a ceiling fan that best fits your personal needs and preferences.

Which Size is Best for You?

The size of the ceiling fan depends entirely on how big your house is. For a home, around four hundred square feet, a 52-inch fan would work correctly. A 44-inch fan serves a room of up to 225 square feet, while a place covering 144 square feet would require a 42-inch fan.

For efficiency and safety, you should install your ceiling fans at least seven feet above your floor and ten inches below the ceiling. Ensure that the wall is around twenty inches away.

Always Get Value for Your Money

Just like in any other market, while looking for a unique ceiling fan, you will come across various price tags. The prices are subject to the features and warranty of the fan. As much as there might be cheaper alternatives, you would rather pay more to get a unique ceiling fan that offers excellent spinning speeds and a good warranty deal.

What the Market Offers

Different people have different personalities, tastes, and preferences. The good news is, there is something for everyone. There are unique ceiling fans that would please a minimalist with a preference for subtle colors. There also exist unique designs for people who are powerfully expressive, who don’t mind pop and glow. The choice is yours.

Installation Precautions

Ceiling fans, just like any other electronic appliance, have application precautions. Following them carefully increases the fan’s life span as well as the warranty. It is best to get professional services and ensure that all manufacturers’ rules are adhered to. Your family’s safety also comes first, necessitating careful installation.

The only reason you would install a ceiling fan is to keep human beings comfortable. Therefore, to maximize saving, ensure that you switch the ceiling fan off while leaving the room. With today’s advancement of technology, you can remotely track your ceiling fan by using a motion sensor.

In short getting, the best product is your own decision but getting the right information about Unique Ceiling fans our sole responsibility, choose unique ceiling fans and choose comfort.

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