How To Choose The Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can cause you lots of discomfort. And also prevent you from sleeping during the night. If you are recovering from shoulder injuries or you are dealing with chronic shoulder problems, you will perfectly understand this. So let’s see the best pillow for shoulder pain.

However, a good pillow specifically designed for shoulder pain can provide you with great support for your shoulders. And also assists in lessening shoulder pains and enhancing your posture. This guide will explore the best pillow for shoulder pain. And different pillow considerations when purchasing pillows for shoulder pain.

Features to consider when purchasing a pillow for shoulder pain

When shopping for a suitable pillow for your shoulder pain, there are various factors you should take into consideration. Below are some of the main factors you should consider when shopping for the ideal pillow.

Filling material

Generally, the materials utilized to make a pillow can significantly influence the amount of support a pillow will give you. If a pillow is not manufactured using the best and durable materials, the probability of it lasting long is incredibly low.


The loft also refers to the height of a pillow. And it’s a significant factor to take into account as well. While it’s the most crucial factor for back sleepers, it also assumes a vital role in the level of comfort provided by a pillow in spite of the sleeping position.

Sleep position

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a pillow for your shoulder pain is to select a pillow that’s compatible with all your sleeping positions.


It’s essential to take the firmness of a pillow into account considering your sleeping position. Whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeper, you should determine your level of firmness when buying a pillow for your shoulder pain.


Only very few pillows are entirely perfect from the retail store. Adjustability enables you to customize the fit of your pillow after purchasing.

Laundry convenience

Nobody wants a pillow that stinks. It’s good to select a pillow that you can wash easily and conveniently without any issues. Also, it’s expected that the pillow’s material should not get damaged by the washing process.

5 Best Pillows for Shoulder Pain

Prolonged shoulder pain is usually associated with strain caused by the soft tissues that surround the neck and shoulders. To help you relax, you need to look for a pillow that provides you with both cervical alignment and stretches those muscles, ligaments, and tendons through your shoulders and upper back. To get relief, here are some products you should consider.

USUNO Cervical Shoulder and Neck Relaxation Pillow

The Usuno Relaxation Pillow is a strong, yet contouring selection that assists in alleviating tensions through the shoulders and upper back area. It has a memory foam core that provides you with a gentle sink and at the same time stretches the soft tissues, cradles the head, and also relieves tensions, which promotes quick relieve. You can use the pillow for short periods as your therapy device, or all night for comfort. It also comes with a removable and washable cover, which is also breathable to provide you with a good rest.

SmartDelux Orthopedic Pillow for Shoulder Pain

SmartDelux Orthopedic Pillow is specifically designed to meet the needs of people who suffer severe backaches. It also caters to your spinal cord and assists in keeping the alignment of your back in order. The SmartDelux Orthopedic Pillow also ensures that both your shoulders will not be sore. It features memory foam that provides average firmness and a density level of sixty. The memory foam is customized to provide the balance that enables your neck to get enough balance.

The SmartDelux Orthopedic pillow doesn’t trigger any reactions or sensitivity. You can remove and wash it, meaning that you can always enjoy a fresh pillow whenever you desire. It does not support mildew, bacteria, and doesn’t retain sweat. It also comes with an inside covering and doesn’t encourage mites. This pillow is tailored to offer a comfortable experience to senior adults and those with muscle and nerve conditions such as arthritis.

TEMPUR-Embrace Pillow

This pillow is a contoured selection made to fit an array of support needs and body types. The unique shape is made by shredded foam and a thin, dense foam pad for excellent contouring and shaping to provide support where required. In particular, it’s a good selection for the stomach sleepers who can hold the pillow to alleviate the tensions and stress created through the back while in this sleeping position.

The x-shape provides support to your head, shoulders, and neck for body alignment and also assists in keeping airways open to help with snoring problems as well. The soft casing combined with the shredded foam to allow for excellent airflow to offer better sleep for people who’ve got a tendency to sleep while warm.

Cervical Traction Chiropractic Wedge Pillow

This pillow has a reputation for slowly repairing neck and shoulder curves. It offers a relaxing night’s rest, and it’s convenient to use. The Cervical Traction Chiropractic pillow comes with a good design that offers maximum comfort.

When integrated with a cervical grip, this pillow is known to handle a wide variety of cervical muscle and bone disorders while relieving sores and aches in this area. It brings back your neck to a healthy state and also promotes the wellness of muscles and nerves of this part of the body.

Once you start using this pillow with a cervical traction grip, there will be a significant improvement in your posture and also the feeling of your neck. It will soothe all the nerves while restoring your neck and shoulders to a healthy state.

Medium Cradling Sleeper

This product is specifically designed to assist in taking the pressure off of the shoulders while sleeping on the side. It works pretty well with your pillow selection to offer spinal alignment, and also enables you to avoid compromising the position that’s most comfortable for you. The torso support elevates your upper body in an incredibly gentle incline which includes a back and front lip for reduced movements through the night.

The Medium Cradling Sleeper is made from low-density memory foam. And the pillow conforms underneath your weight to take your body form. It also comes in a variety of sizes to better meet the different needs of the various body shapes. Your selection is solely dependent upon your body weight for the perfect support.


In conclusion, when looking for a suitable pillow for your shoulder pain, you should consider spinal support and alignment, as well as the shoulder relief you want. The pillows outlined above allow for different comfort positions and different sleep preferences. If you are looking for a good pillow to alleviate your shoulder pain, you should also ensure that you get one that utilizes high-quality materials as well.

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