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Ryobi vs. Dewalt: Which Brand’s tools is best for you?

You want to buy tools but confused which brand’s tools would be best, right?  To know that, you have to read the entire article and after reading the entire article, I hope you can get a right decision. Here, I shared my own experience and research.

Every homeowner needs a toolbox for repair something at home or for DIY projects. I had decided to buy tools and researched which brand would be best.

What I discovered through research that, Ryobi and Dewalt is the best leading brand on the market. Both are providing good quality products, have good reputations, offering the fair warranty.


Ryobi vs. Dewalt. Now the question is which brand’s tools should you buy?  Well, it depends on your budget and which purpose you are buying the tools because this two brand is better enough to buy their tools. Now I will describe this two brand basis for performance, reputations, warranty, and prices. Then you could decide which one is best for you.



There is no doubt in this that Dewalt makes excellent tools, there are only slight differences in performance between Dewalt and Ryobi. I will discuss one specific tool to highlight the performance differences between them, for example, the household drill.

To understand the exact differences between them, I will discuss the same model drill that is used in most homes, that is 12V Cordless Drill.

I will discuss the aspect of battery/voltage, speed/power, size/weight, clutch/torque, and accessories.



The cordless drills usually operated by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.  Ryobi and Dewalt provide the same service on this issue.


Dewalt’s 12V cordless drill model’s Battery/voltage:

The Dewalt’s 12V model cordless drill comes with two 12 volt lithium ion batteries and a battery charger.

Voltage means the size of the drill and how strong it is, the 15 – 20 voltage drill is enough for household work.

They give you two batteries so that you do not have to stop while doing any project when recharging the first one. How much durable will be the battery it depends on what kind of work you are doing by the drill but almost two hours could be used nonstop then you have to recharge one hour.


Ryobi’s 12V cordless drill model’s Battery/voltage:

How long does the Ryobi battery life support it as like Dewalt.

It could be used for 2 hours continuously, once it is recharged. This battery takes time to recharge for around 40 minutes and if you don’t use, it will be held for 2 years.

Ryobi does not provide two batteries and it comes with one 12 volt lithium ion battery.

Considering the battery and voltage, Ryobi and the Dewalt are almost the same, only the Dewalt has two batteries, that is the difference with Ryobi. You could buy an extra battery from Amazon or other Marketplace for Ryobi if you want.

Speed Consideration of Ryobi vs. Dewalt

Regarding speed, Ryobi is a bit behind compared to Dewalt. Dewalt has topped Ryobi in speed.  Much speed drills help to drill holes and low speedy drill help prevent stripping screws.

The speed of a drill is measured at RPMs or Rotations per Minute. 300 to 1,500 RPMs are enough to work for the household.

0-600 RPM range is enough for the household work to do, and Ryobi giving you that.

Dewalt will help you a little more with speed to control, Dewalt has two kinds of the setting system to control speed, Low-speed setting start with 0-400 RPM and the high speed start with 0-1,500 RPM.

Dewalt will help you to control on speed more than Ryobi. With Dewalt, you can work on holes also.


Grip and Torque control on Ryobi vs. Dewalt


Ryobi offers more rolling controls with 22 points clutch compared to 15 positions with Dewalt.

Do you know what is grip and why you should care about torque?

Well, all drills have a clutch that controls the torque, which called twist power. In a drill clutch normally located directly behind the chalk, there’s a series of numbers around it.

By grip you can control torque like you want, the more the number of the grip deliver more torque. It will help you to control drill the hole proper way while drilling and help prevent stripping screws.

In general, you want to go with the higher rank for more power and lower for more flexible work.

By Ryobi’s 12V cordless drill you will get more control on torque for 22 positions clutch where Dewalt provide 15 positions.


The weight of Ryobi and Dewalt 12V cordless drill

When I thought of buying a drill for myself, I decided to buy a drill that used to be comfortable to use. Which can be used all the way everywhere.

Ryobi and Dewalt these both are made for compact and for small spaces. Ryobi’s 12V cordless drill weighs is 3.5 pounds and 7.1 inches long.

Dewalt’s 12V cordless drill is 2.4 pounds and 7.5 inches long.

Consideration of weight these both is light and easy to use everywhere in the house.



  • Battery charger
  • One 12V battery
  • One double ended bit
  • Belt clip
  • LED light built into the base of the drill



  • Bag to carry the drill
  • Belt clip
  • Two 12V batteries
  • Battery charger
  • LED light mounted on the barrel


Warranties of Ryobi and Dewalt

Ryobi giving you a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Dewalt also giving you three-year warranty and additional one-year free service 90 day’s money back guarantee!!!

Dewalt giving a little bit more Convenience than Ryobi.

Price Comparison of Ryobi vs. Dewalt


This is true that Dewalt power tools are more costly compared to Ryobi.

Dewalt’s have made more professional tools, so their product prices are a little higher.

Ryobi’s have made tools by targeting the house owner, so the prices of their tools are a little lower.

You may check the price of Dewalt and Ryobi’s 12V cordless drill on Amazon.


Which one should you choose?

Ryobi and Dewalt these both are the well-known brands. Both provide the quality product.

If you want to do the high professional project then as my consideration goes with Dewalt but if you want to buy tools for the household small project then you should go with Ryobi. Because their product is enough for the household small project then why I will buy Dewalt product by spending more money.

And I also buy Ryobi product for my household small projects.


Thank you so very much for reading the entire article and let me know by commenting below that with which brand you will like to go.



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