Living in a cramped up space yet has a child in your custody? You have to acquire and incorporate the best high chair in your childcare regime. This is basically a chair that has long legs. It is specially intended for a baby or a small child. The chair is further fitted with a small tray that serves as a table during mealtimes.

Many manufacturers engage in the production of these chairs. This makes the task of finding a suitable one quite a daunting undertaking. It is for this reason that a guide of this kind comes in handy. We have prepared a review-cum-buying guide to take you through the entire process confidently.


We now look into ten of the best high chairs as of 2019 with the aim of showcasing what they have to offer:

#1: Graco DuoDiner LX High Chair, Converts to Dining Booster Seat, Groove

best high chair1

This high chair is multipurpose in the sense that it also serves as a dining booster seat. Thus, it is a good one to select if you have to leverage many advantages at a go. Go for it if you want to derive more from your money.

Outstanding Features and Benefits-

5 Adjustable Height Positions

Some five adjustable height positions stand tall in this chair. These you use to set the height of the chair to your desired level. In this way, you get to enjoy the highest degree of comfort manageable at any given time.

Fold and Store

It also allows you to fold and store the chair. Thus, the chair takes up limited storage and mounting space. Moreover, the trait also allows for easier transportation to the desired location of use.

Clean Up with Ease

Lastly, this chair allows for easier cleanliness and maintenance. Hardly does it catch dirt as is the norm with many of its competitors. Then again it does not require too much effort to clean when dirty.


•        Introduces your child to dinners

•        ‘Grows’ with your child all along

•        Grants to your child the desirable level of comfort

•        Adjusts easily by use of one hand only

•        Stores and tucks away with ease


•        Cumbersome to engage and carry around

•        Requires complex maintenance undertakings

•        Prone to fidgeting and loss of stability

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#2: Chicco Baby Doll Furniture Gift Set

best high chair2

Do you have a three-year-old girl in your home? Waste no time with any other chair than this one. It is the one that is most suited for that kind of child. Stay tuned to learn its most admirable features and benefits.

Outstanding Features and Benefits-

Chicco Playard (Playpen)

A Chicco Playard ranks first among its most honorable set of features. The playpen is spacious enough to accommodate your baby fully. Then again, it also provides adequate security to your child all the while.

Chicco Three-wheel Stroller

It rests on some three wheels. These wheels allow for mobility and maneuverability in equal measure. Being three, they also maintain your high chair in the most stable state and stature at all times.

Chicco High Chair

At its core is the Chicco high chair. It is the one that gives your baby the platform upon which to eat and enjoy its time. The platform is tougher and stable. In this way, it also minimizes fidgeting and possible spillage.


•        Exhibits some colorful appearances at the same time

•        Handles all the baby care needs at a time

•        Comfortable enough for long-term seating

•        Stretches to accommodate your baby in the sleeping position

•        Collapses to occupy the limited spaces


•        Requires some assembly before use

•        Unsuitable for children aged below 3 years

•        Slightly bulky and cumbersome to utilize

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#3: Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Multicolor

best high chair3

Lack of enough space in your room? We invite you to attempt this specific high chair. It is smaller and more compact in size. This makes it awesome for applications in spaces that are ordinarily cramped up and squeezed.

Outstanding Features and Benefits-


This chair is a combination of the toddler booster and the infant high chair in one. Moreover, it also comes about with two-height adjustments and three recline positions. These make for adequate convenience.

Deep-dish Tray Design

In all, the chair also comprises a deep-dish tray design. Thanks to this design, the chair aids in maintaining your little one from possibly straying off the seat and falling off.

Convenient Tray Storage

A convenient tray storage mechanism rounds up the list of the most adorable features that this high chair has to offer. The tray is located behind the seat and serves to hold your plates firmly in place.


•        Fits most restaurant and dining chairs

•        Reclines for added support to the back of your baby

•        Simpler to clean and maintain in good shape

•        Resists spills and other agents of damages

•        Accepts inserts and other vital accessories


•        Too small for bigger children

•        Lasts for a short duration of time

•        Unlikely to endure harsher impacts

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#4: Ingenuity SmartClean Trio Elite 3-in-1 High Chair – Slate – High Chair, Toddler Chair, Booster

best high chair4

For your maximum convenience, you definitely want a chair that can serve many purposes at a go. Of all the chairs we have in our crosshairs, it is this one that is more likely to yield these needs in one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits-

Wipeable and Washable Design

All factors considered, the chair is both wipeable and washable in equal measure. These two traits make for easier cleanliness and maintenance. Thus, they ensure that your chair remains in the best shape and form all the time.


The chair has the ability to convert to a toddler seat or a booster seat. This arrangement has many benefits. It chiefly gives you higher returns on your investments and also cuts down the time you would waste.

Safety Harness

A safety harness exists to secure your child firmly to the seat. The harness ties your baby to the seat to minimize fidgeting and maintain your child in a proper seating position. This keeps it comfortable as well.


•        Takes care of the feet of your child too

•        Swivels at an angle of 360°

•        Bears a whopping 50 pounds!

•        Cuts down the time wastage to a considerable extent

•        Outlasts any other high chairs


•        A simpler user might find it somewhat complicated

•        Cannot handle fidgeting well

•        Likely to break apart when handled recklessly

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#5: Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Simple Fold Plus High Chair with 3-Position Tray (Garden Delight)

best high chair5

Have many children in mind? The high chair you pick for the job has to be multipurpose and high versatile. Choose no other high chair than this one as it is the one that is most suited for the job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits-

3-position Adjustable Tray

The chair boasts of a 3-position adjustable tray for the comfort and wellbeing of your baby. Thanks to this adjustability, the chair accommodates many seating and eating positions for your child’s well-being.

Foldable High Chair

It also folds to allow for smooth handling and transportation. Moreover, the chair also folds flat or stands on its own. Regardless of the position you pick, you may be sure to have the chair handle it well.

Weight Limit

Lastly, it also accommodates the impressive 50 pounds of weight. With this weight allowance, the chair is certain to handle all the fidgeting and other agents of damages with absolute precision.


•        Lighter and stable in stature

•        Built to last and hardly breaks apart

•        Feeds your child while on the go

•        Reinforced legs make for added stability

•        Quite convenient to fold and tuck away


•        Costs a lot more to come by

•        Calls for deep maintenance practices

•        May pose injuries if handled carelessly

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#6: Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair (Prism)

best high chair6

To be able to enjoy the highest returns on your investments, you definitely want a multipurpose chair. No other chair comes close to that need than this one. It has the ability to shuffle back and forth from table to chair.

Outstanding Features and Benefits-

Mini-meal Chair

The piece of furniture does have a mini-meal chair that lowers to the floor. In doing so, the chair allows for easy embarking and disembarking. Thus, it expedites the utilization of the chair altogether.

Convertible High Chair

A convertible high chair comes in next. As stated, the chair shuffles back and forth from the table to the chair. This arrangement is awesome as it allows you to enjoy dual benefits at the same time.

Removable Tray

Rounding up the list of its most honorable treasures is the removable tray. Being able to detach from the rest of the chair, the tray allows for easier cleanliness and maintenance by a user in the long run.


•        Facilitates the eating and the growth of your baby

•        Hardly accepts and traps dirt and hence remains cleaner for longer

•        Its legs and seat pads are easier to keep clean

•        A five-point harness exists to secure your child firmly

•        Simpler to operationalize


•        Emits a squeaky sound when shoved around

•        Not really stable

•        Handles a limited amount of weight

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#7: Cosco Simple Fold High Chair with 3-Position Tray (Elephant Squares)

best high chair7

Do you change locations every now and then? If you do, the kind of chair you pick for the job has to be easier to carry around. This cannot be achieved if the chair folds, like this one. Read on to find out more…

Outstanding Features and Benefits-

Full-Size for Growing Children

On the while, this chair comes about in full size. It is subsequently suited for small children. On account of this, the chair also ‘grows’ with your child in the sense that it lasts longer and adjusts accordingly.

Secure Seating

Then a secure seating comes in next. As the designation implies, the seat is safe enough for your child. It not only maintains your child in a state of absolute comfort but also keeps it secure enough as it sits.

Soft, Durable Fabric

Only the soft and durable fabrics have been used to make them up. In light of this, the chair is similarly stronger and more durable. Expect it hence to last longer and take you further than the rest.


•        Pretty simple to make do with

•        Folds flat in such a way as to tuck away easily

•        Good for the on-the-go applications

•        Its ‘no-nonsense design’ allows it to mount in seconds

•        The 3-point harness secures your child firmly


•        Demands some muscle power to engage

•        Likely to break down a bit too soon!

•        Does not have the ability to accept any attachments

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#8: 4moms High Chair – Easy to Clean with Magnetic, one-Handed Tray Attachment

best high chair8

To spare yourself from the hassles and bustles that come along with the use of the high chairs, you want one that is capable of accommodating many accessories and attachments. No other is as fit for the job as this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits-

Magnetic Feeding Trough

A magnetic feeding trough exists as the premier aspect of this high chair. Being magnetic, this tough is more reliable to make do with. It eliminates fidgeting and other issues that are more likely to tip the food off.

Multi-position Feeding Surfaces

The feeding surface has the ability to adjust in three-height positions while the tray does so in two positions. All these combine to maintain you in a state of absolute comfort and general wellbeing.

Highly Versatile

As we have already explained, the chair is able to accommodate and attach to many other vital accessories. This way, it handles many tasks and purposes than the other alternatives you would choose.


•        Allows for precise fitting and installations

•        Stays relevant for an extended duration of time

•        Very stable and firm enough for your everyday use

•        Yields higher returns on investments

•        Simplifies your childcare spates


•        Calls for some assembly prior to eventual usage

•        Demands too much care and attention on your part

•        Not for a person who operates on a squeezed schedule

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#9: Inglesina Fast Table Chair – Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair

best high chair9

Could it be that you are constantly in many restaurants and tables? If you nodded to this question, we invite you to this specific chair. It fits many tabletops without necessarily leaving any stretch marks aside.

Outstanding Features and Benefits-

Portable Collapsible Design

In its entirety, the high chair comes about in a portable collapsible design. Thanks to these two arrangements, the chair is more convenient to carry around to a designated location of use and storage.

Durable and Washable Materials

Other than being collapsible, the materials are also durable and washable. They may be washed by machines and hands alike. These two guarantee the longevity of the item altogether for an extended duration of time.

Handy Storage Pocket

A handy storage pocket wraps up the list of the many goodies this chair has to provide. This pocket is further epitomized by functional design. The end result of this mix is unconstrained access to the stored gears.


•        Convenient for parents and children alike

•        Sets up within a shorter amount of time

•        Rests the back and the feet as well

•        Leaves the tables and chairs scratch-less

•        Maintains your food conveniently on its tray


•        Complex operational mechanisms

•        Its fabric frays easily

•        The fabric is poorly ventilated

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#10: JOOVY Nook High Chair, Turquoise

best high chair10

For the extremely matured and weightier children, no other high chair is as suited for their handling as this one. It is the toughest and most stable of all the chairs we have under our consideration. Find out more about here below…

Outstanding Features and Benefits-

Swing-open Tray

Standing tall of its most honorable features is the swing-open tray. The tray opens wide when engaged to make it easier for your child to get to the chair and out. Moreover, it also allows for easier washing.

Comfortable Leatherette Seat

A comfortable leatherette seat comes in next to provide the comfort you need while seated all along. It basically comes about in deluxe padding that absorbs all stress and maintains your child in the best possible state.

Adjustable Tray

Over and above swinging open, the tray also adjusts to line up with the comfort needs of your child. All these are made possible by some four depth adjustments that work to position the tray appropriately.


•        Adjusts in four main positions

•        Washable by hand and by the machines

•        Operable by one hand only

•        Comes equipped with a carry handle

•        Does not scratch your flooring


•        Demands excess muscle power

•        May be tedious to carry around

•        Costs a lot more to handle and engage

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Having examined the best high chairs on the market today, we now want to get to the thorny issue of how to find a suitable one for your use. Well, this requires that you incorporate many features and considerations. Below are some of the factors you will have to put into consideration before setting out:

Space Availability

First and foremost, you should figure out the amount of space available. You will require to set aside some space to contain the chairs when in use and to tuck them away when not in use. Space definitely has to be larger than the chair for the sake of smooth fitting.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment

Like any other piece of furniture, these high chairs come at a cost. It is important to factor the costs of these chairs with your own financial resource endowment. You do not want to dig too deep in your pockets to be able to do so at all.

Comfort Features

A good high chair ought to be packed with tons of comfort features. These features exist to maintain your baby in a proper and safe stature all the time. Common examples of these are padded armrests, cushioned seat posts, and straps for fastening, alongside many other awesome features.

Set-up Process

Before enjoying the benefits that these chairs bring along, you will have to set them up for eventual use. The strategies and steps are taken to do so however vary greatly from chair to chair. You should see to it that you pick that chair whose set-up process is easier to comprehend and undertake.

Material Makeup

The kinds of materials that have been used to make the chair up also matter. A good chair has to be manufactured using the toughest materials possible. They should specifically be resistant to all forms of corrosion, dents, and damages. This is to see to it that they last as long as they can possibly be.

Style and Appearance

Other than maintaining your baby in the right stature, a good high chair also serves the secondary role of enhancing the beauty of your interior. As such, it has to be truly beautiful and elegant appearance-wise. This can only happen of the chair is adorned with loads of decorative gears and attire.


Q1. How long do you use a high chair?

A. Use this chair until such a time that your baby can now sit up consistently without the risks of falling over. This takes place around 18 months to 3 years. At such a time, we opine that you move your baby to a booster seat.

Q2. Do you need a high chair?

A. Absolutely YES! The chair is pretty safe for your child not to mention expediting the processes of carrying the child around and feeding it. The trick is basically to find a good one for the job.

Q3. Is Ikea high chair good?

A. YES, it is! This chair contains all the trappings that are needed for good work to happen. Not only is the chair light in weight but also soft and comfortable. Many of them are smaller and subsequently easier to move around.

Q4. Is the hook on high chairs safe?

A. YES, they are! These hooks are fixed there primarily for enhancing the safety of your child. In particular, the hooks enhance the ability of the chair to stay firmly in place. This way, it minimizes fidgeting and the possible injuries that ordinarily come along.

Q5. What age do you stop using a highchair?

A. Many children no longer need a high chair when they hit 18 months of age. Quite a number, however, persist well beyond this deadline. As late as 3 years, they still need it. It is important that you assess the requirements of your child appropriately to know when to cease using the appliance.


It is our hope that our review and buying guide of the best high chair above is truly eye-opening. Having done our part. We are now confident that you have the insight you need to make an informed decision. Indeed, the chairs we have reviewed above are truly great and satisfactory.

You should hence prioritize them in your search for the right one for your baby. Still not sure how to move on? Kindly let us know! We are always on standby and ready to offer added support and insight to valued readers of our posts like you. Best of luck in your subsequent choice of the right chair!

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