This is the most revolutionary new idea to come out since the beginning days of the waterbed in about 1970 or 1971.  Just think about it!  This is a bed that you can read on as well as watch TV on, with very attractive LED lights. You and your spouse can cozy up and watch TV on this bed as you are falling asleep. Yes, this is murphy bed with sofa.

Bed Sizes and Other Details

This murphy bed comes in four different sizes: X _Long, Fuli, King, and Queen.  So whatever the size of your body is, there is a murphy bed for you.  So just buy one, assemble it and enjoy the comfort. Read if that’s your way of relaxing at night after a long hard day.  Just enjoy a good night’s sleep.  Enjoy the coffee table that’s part of the set that comes with it. With its inline sofa,  it will transform any room it’s in into a bedroom.

The lights are low voltage, in case you are too tired to remember to turn off the lights before you drift off to sleep.  These light cords plug into any outlet, whether it’s an A or a B outlet.  You can also operate it on batteries if you wish.  The lights shine on the bed, in case you are the type that loves to read in bed instead of watching TV.  

Bed is Ready to Assemble

Your Murphy bed and sofa set is ready to be assembled.  You or a friend can get this bed together following simple instructions that are included in your delivery packet.  Parts are cut to size, and the holes are predrilled.  This allows perfect perfect alignment every time and the parts self-align with the help of special cam fittings, according to the website. The bed can also be disassembled, with the damaged parts replaceable. What’s more is there’s a video on the website that can help with the assembly process.

In-Line Coffee-Table Compatible

What is good about this in-line coffee table is that the height is variable.  It is designed to specifically be perfect height when used with the in-line sofa member of the set.  The table itself sits on boxes that can rotate 90 degrees, and this can lower the table to fit perfectly under a murphy bed. So you can drink pop or water while you are watching TV or enjoying reading your favorite romance novel on your murphy bed before going to sleep.

You Are Dealing Directly with the Manufacturer

Whoever discusses a murphy bed with sofa would be remiss if they did not mention that when you buy a murphy bed with sofa that you are dealing directly with the manufacturer themselves.  This way there is no extra cost that is passed on to the consumer.  This direct relationship helps the makers to better address concerns such as the product breaking down without having to deal with a third party.  This means that in the event of a breakage, the maker can make repairs in a more timely fashion and price those repairs more reasonably. In addition, the manufacturer is American.  So your product does not have to be shipped out of the country for repairs.  It is 100 percent American made.

Environmentally Conscious

Using recycled wood, materials used to build this unit are 100 percent recycled.  They are certified to meet certain government requirements, specifically the Eco-Certified Fuel Standard CPA 4-10. 

Safety First

The consumer’s safety is the company’s first concern when designing all products.  The Murphy Bed and Sofa combination is no exception to this rule.  They must meet the guidelines put forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

10 Year Warranty

These products are sold under a 10 Year Warranty.  In the event that the product has malfunctioned during this time frame, the parts can be replaced without financial obligation directed at the consumer.  According to the Bredabeds website, the warranty does not include labor.  The mechanical parts, however, are included.  And, of course, it doesn’t include damage due to misuse, or failure to heed the directions placed in the Users’ Manual, or deliberate failure to heed the safety rules as placed in the Owners’ Manual.

Murphy Bed Pricing

Murphy beds are anything but cheap.  According to the Mayfair Website, they can run anywhere from $2,465 to 2,699, according to the Breta Beds website.  However, look what you get in return for your investment.  You will get a coffee table, a television set, a set of lights.  And Also you will get a place to read your favorite books if that is your favorite thing to do at bedtime. And of course, You will also get a good night’s sleep and the option of having a set that you can fold for the day and unfold at night. 

Murphy Beds Pros and Cons


Murphy beds are economical from a space standpoint. Because they are able to be folded when not being used.  You can leave the bedding on in addition.  This means that you don’t have to make them afresh every day after waking up.  They can save you time, as well.  This means that you can spend the time you would have spent making your bed getting ready for work. 

Also on the Pros side, there are a lot of things you can do in a murphy bed that you cannot do in a regular bed.  Unlike the other beds, you can have LED lamps that will enable you to read as you are drifting off to sleep.  Want to put your book down for the night?  You have a coffee table for that. 


On the Cons side, a Murphy bed set must stay where it is upon your moving out of the apartment.  Because, with all its components the bed is of a large size, you can’t bring it with you, it might prove to be a waste of money, to begin with. Thus because, as the Cabinet Space Website Solutions mentions they are nontransferrable, they can prove to be a colossal waste of money in the long run.  

You can take the components with you and have all the installed elsewhere, but that will mean that you will have to hire professionals to do that and that means more money spent that you may miss hereafter. 


Because the cons outweigh the pros here, the Murphy Bed is not a long-run solution if you are thinking long term and in terms of what your pocketbook may look like in the future.  It may prove to be more expensive than it’s worth.  This is not to say don’t buy the product.  This is to say that you shouldn’t buy the product without carefully considering your budget.

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