The Makita and Milwaukee are two brands of drill.  Indeed, the selection of a household tool for your household projects can be a difficult one.  So this paper is designed to help guide you to pick the right traits for this job. You should use factors such as torque, speed, battery dependability, and ability for the parts to stay in place and do their work. Also, you want the tool that is going to take the smallest possible chunk out of your wallet. You would not, for instance, want a drill that is too slow for the job, or one that is too expensive. I am going to share the ultimate guide to MAKITA VS MILWAUKEE .


  For projects have deadlines, and, as the expression goes, time is money.  Thus it is important to have the right tool for the job, taking these things into consideration. Both tools that are to be reviewed in this text–the Milwaukee and the Makita–have pluses and minuses that need to be thoroughly examined before you spend the first dollar on it. So let’s see the death of makita vs milwaukee.


Let’s take a few minutes to discuss the first of these, the Milwaukee.  The first thing that comes to mind is that this machine wraps a lot of power into a compact size.  Also, it is cordless.  Its design is built to protect against overloading while enhancing performance.  According to the CordlessDrillOne website, the Redlink plus feature ensures optimal operation by providing a link between different components, such as the charger, the battery, and the drill. 

Also, the unit itself is fitted with a brushless motor, which helps to maximize productivity,  which is important because it reduces overall time for the project.  The motor has the capacity to deliver up to 725 pounds of torque, according to the website, thus making it easier to handle.  This makes the drill a magnificent choice when looking for a machine that provides equal parts of reliability, durability, and prolonged battery usage.  It is designed to detect and counteract over-discharge, overheating and overloading. 


There are many reasons why the purchase of a Makita would be good for you and your business.  First, there is a five-year warranty.  If the machine does not perform for any reason, except for those reasons excluded in your warranty– you are entitled to get the unit fixed, or to a new Makita free of charge. 

The next point is that it is portable.  This makes it a must-have for itinerant contractors.  If you are leaving the state, it fits neatly into your toolbox. 

It is also easy to use.  The website reports that anyone who knows how to operate a basic drill can handle the Milwaukee. 

It also reduces downtime in that it is cordless.  The time you would otherwise waste on plugging it in would be spent actually working.

Also, since your motor is brushless, it does not require as much maintenance as a machine that operates on motors with brushes.  For example, if the motor brushes wear, as they will over time, you will have to replace them.  That equals money (overhead) that you end up spending that you shouldn’t have to spend.


The main reason not to buy this piece of machinery would lie in the fact that the chuck doesn’t have a firm bite.  So that if a piece of wood falls out, it may force you to stop dead in the middle of a job to adjust the machine, and maybe even the piece of wood.  This leads to less time actually working towards finishing your project, which could cost you money in the long run. 


There is five times less recharge time needed in this type of battery.  In addition, the charging system is connected to the unit, to control proper charging.  This prolongs the life of the battery.  That is good news for people used to having to buy batteries all the time.  This drains money and time.


The Makita drill can also be bought, depending on the size of your job and the time it needs to be completed.  All of that matters.  It is also a compact drill.  Remember that “less is more”when you are talking about drills. 

It has two speed transmissions.  One is from 0-600, then the other one is from 0-1900 revolutions per minute.  The one you use depends on how fast you wish to work.


In handling a Makita, one of the first things you will notice is its lightweight design.  This makes it easy to handle and there is and extra battery included. According to the website, it is only 10. 49 pounds.

One of its main features, indeed, is the existence of an extra battery that is included when you buy the unit. 

Also, it delivers excellent torque.  Thus it goes really fast.  That matters when your job requires that you work really fast on a tight schedule. 

Moreover, it’s portable.  This is a great feature to have when you are going to many remote job sites. 


There are very few negative things one can say about this tool.  One key thing is the price.  It can run between $149-$187.  That would discourage some to buy, since contractors’ money is a bit on the uncertain side, and contractors, therefore, have to save money. Because they don’t know when they will be able to replace it, if ever.  It depends on how good they are, and it depends on how many jobs they can muster.

Another  “con” mentioned was spoken of at the Top Ten Reviews website.  The warranty on the product is comparatively short lived.  A year, when compared to five years and some lasting a lifetime with comparable products, is fairly meager, comparatively speaking.  Of course, you don’t want the machinery to break after three or six years, but things happen at times, whether we want them to, or not. If you still confused about makita and milwaukee, then you can read this reddit Q/U .


If it were a matter of choice between the two, the Milwaukee would, in fact, come out as the winner.  The Milwaukee has a longer warranty period, some listed as five years, while at other stores, it is the lifetime warranty.  That is the main point.  Because if your tool breaks for any reason, you want the assurance of knowing that the company has you covered. So let us know which brand will good at makita vs milwaukee after read the article?

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