fluorescent light fixtures

The Fluorescent Light fixtures

Fluorescent lighting does a good job of lighting your rooms and ambiances. They come in diverse shades and forms. Owing to these differences, they require equally diverse operational procedures to manage them and make the most from them. How else can you manage this feat save for receiving appropriate guidance to the fluorescent light fixtures?

We have seen it necessary to step and provide you the appropriate guidance to that end. Our discussions here on the subject matter of the ‘fluorescent light fixtures.’ Here below, we shall discuss all that pertains to these kinds of light bulbs. This we hope shall accord you so much more insight and expedite your utilization.


A typical fluorescent lamp comes in the form of a tube. This tube contains low-pressure mercury vapor gas. Alongside this vapor are krypton, neon, xenon, and argon. Together, these gases are squeezed to an atmospheric pressure of around 0.3%. It is these gases that are excited by electrons to generate visible light.

Its interior surface bears the fluorescent or phosphorescent coating. These, in turn, comprise blends of both rare-earth phosphor and metallic salts. As for the electrodes, the lamp features the coiled tungsten. These are often referred to as the cathodes owing to their role in emitting electrons.

To be able to operate perfectly, the interiors of the fluorescent light fixtures are coated with mixtures of calcium, strontium, and barium oxides. This is to give off low thermionic emission temperatures. In this way, the fluorescent lights emit low heat levels and are also unlikely to explode. It is this trait in fact that makes them more comfortable to leverage.


Having examined the structure of the fluorescent light bulbs, we now move ahead to look into their operations. To make the bulbs emit the light output, a stream of current is channeled through some kind of ballast transformer. The current is thereafter redirected to a starter which in turn excites the gases we have mentioned above.

Upon getting excited, the gases react with the interior coating. This reaction gives rise to a glow which is what we call visible light. Too little heat is dissipated in the process. In this way, the bulb is more efficient and likely to cut down the utility bills considerably.

On the whole, the typical luminous efficiency of the fluorescent light fixtures is around 50–100 lumens per watt. This is several times that of the efficacy of the incandescent bulbs that yield a similar level of light output. Expect the bulb hence to costs less to care for and make maximum use of.


Several players engage in the manufacture of these bulbs. We devote this segment of our discussions to look into the key players in that field. To do this, we are going to sample quite a number of top brands that engage in the manufacture of these items.

a.) Philips

Philips is undoubtedly one of the world’s well-known electronic manufacturers. It is not any wonder that the company also stands tall as a premier manufacturer of quality fluorescent lights. Its light bulbs are generally known to be low cost yet effective enough to illuminate your rooms consistently for longer.

The bulbs embody a mix of patented technologies. They also tend to pair and work for hand in hand with other like-minded electronic devices. This is a brand we would vouch for if all you want is to enjoy some unparalleled conveniences for a longer duration of time.

b.) GE Lighting

Coming closely after Philips is the General Electric Lighting. This brand produces optimal lighting solutions for homes and business installations. The brand of lighting is generally well-known for durability and energy efficiency. This is a brand you want to make do with if you care for your utility bills.

It also pioneers in the field of ‘internet of things.’ Thus, the bulb features and incorporates many intelligent parts and components. Top examples of these are visual timers, sleep/wake cycles, and voice controls. Yet again, if you wish, you ought to prioritize it to be up to date with the times.

c.) Osram

Osram is widely known for high quality and intuitive lighting bulbs. As such, you will note that its bulbs have many of the latest technologies which adorn high-quality lighting bulbs. Examples of these are sensor technology, wider fields of LED lighting and effective visualizations.

In many cases, the Osram range of products is mainly applicable for commercial ends like in the greenhouses, horticulture, and hydroponics. These fluorescent light fixtures also provide digital lighting systems. Compared to most other brands, these bulbs are very expensive and also cost more to operationalize. Be prepared to dig deeper in your pocket to afford them.

d.) Cree

Cree is a well-known brand for manufacturing LED lighting bulbs which are longer lasting and more energy efficient. That is because it makes use of the semi-conductors that are extremely potent and powerful.  These, in turn, deliver superior performances and outputs when engaged for too long.

The brand also stands out in the sense that it fits both indoor and outdoor applications. Its range of lighting exudes some intelligent lighting, generally awesome illumination, and reliable outdoor use. Moreover, many of its items attach to the ‘internet of things’ infrastructure which extends their range of applicability. 

e.) Everlight Electronics

Everlight Electronics has carved a niche for itself as the world’s largest manufacturer of LED lighting. Indeed, this company generates many kinds of lighting apparatus which span and apply in many fields of use. Examples of these are the LED lighting modules, digital display units, and the optocoupler.

Many of its products are applicable in the fields of horticulture and commercial farming. Suffice it to say, these bulbs are stronger and very reliable in the long run. They similarly cost more to acquire not to mention demanding extreme expertise to operationalize. Brace yourself to spend a lot to do the same.


Before enjoying the benefits these bulbs potentially bring along, you have to install the same. How can you do this save for receiving appropriate guidance to that end? In this section, we endeavor to take you through the step-by-step procedures to actualize that:

Step I: Find the right Bulb

The first step obviously is to find the right bulb. This is something that you do by looking at the bulb holders and drawing a connection between it and the kinds of lighting apparatus that are on sale. Bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. You cannot afford to pick any at random.

After finding the right bulb, you now have to switch off the mains switch. It still possible for you to install it without having really to switch off the light. However, you do not want to gamble with your own health. This can only mean you putting in place appropriate measures to ward off that likelihood.

Step II: Identify the Polarities

Many bulb holders are universal. This is to means that they do not have any positive or negative terminals or polarities. Quite a number, however, make for such distinctions. To prevent the risks of electrocutions or explosions, you have to identify any polarities if they indeed exist.

You will definitely have to match the poles of the light bulb with that of the bulb holder. Check for the (+) and the (-) signs. Then, pair the ends that correspond to these markings for smooth operations and flow of electrical current.

Step III: Find a Support

Now find support. Many bulb holders are located too far from the floor. Even the tallest persons may not always be in the position to reach them. The support here could be in the form of a high table or stool. Place it directly underneath the bulb holder. Get to it and climb atop it.

Step IV: Slot it in

You have now come to the core of the activity. At this stage, you slot the bulb into the bulb holder. Take care that you mirror the polarities you will have identified earlier. Be slow and meticulous in order that you do not break or imperil the wellbeing of the bulb and your safety.

Step V: Switch on the Lights

Lastly, switch on the lights. If the bulb does not generate the light output, you may have to repeat a step or two from the list above. Switch on the lights yet again and observe how they behave. You are now good to go. Definitely, you have to eliminate the table and restore the condition of the space as it was before.


Like any other piece of an appliance, a fluorescent light fixture is also prone to damages and dangers. These damages may imperil its applicability and impede its operations altogether. To care for these issues, you will have to troubleshoot the bulb.

This entails inspecting it for any errors or malfunctions and handling the same appropriately. Follow these steps to accomplish this task:

Step I: Pull the Bulb

Start off by pulling the bulb. Unplug the bulb from the container or packaging that comprises it. Twist it at an angle of around 90° using your two hands. Pull one end of the bulb straight down in order to detach the same from the socket. Lower the whole bulb thereafter.

Step II: Remove the end cover

Now remove the end cover. You will have to use a wrench to unscrew the end cover of the fixture. The precise locations of the screws will vary from one make to another. However, the double-bulb units generally have this screw located on each side. Those of the four-bulb units have these screws located at the top of the center edge.

Step III: Remove the fluorescent light socket

After that, get ahead to eliminate the fluorescent light socket. This is to expose the wiring considerably. It is important to maintain the wiring in such a way as to be straight. For this reason, you have to cut one side of the old socket wiring loose.

Strip off the wiring back some ½ inches, after which you are to press the bare wire ends into the terminal slots of the newer sockets. This terminal slot operates much like the barbed fishhook. Repeat the processes above severally for the wires that remain before concluding with a firm replacement.

Step IV: Examine the Bulb

This forms the core of the troubleshooting exercise. Here, you will skim the bulb to find out whether there are any issues that might require some attention to your attention. Shake the bulb, look at it, and examine it through every other means. If you come across any disconnections, this is the time to re-attach the same.

Step V: Close up

You are almost now good to go! Before you go, you have to close up the fixture. Push the stripped wire into the new terminal. Be careful though that you insert the correct wire into the right terminal. Use a tester to see to it that the connection is healthy and well-established.

Step VI: Test the System

Lastly, test the system. This is basically to determine whether the repairs have borne any fruits or not. Place the bulb in the bulb holder and then switch it on. In case the fixture does not light up, you might have to redo several steps a second or third time.


As you may already have noted, the fluorescent light fixtures are moderately complicated to the average user. You really have to rely extensively on the insight and support of a trained technician to go about this issue well. Reading the explanations we have provided above is definitely a nice way to start out. We are constantly updating our blogs and articles.

To keep pace with these developments, we urge you to refer to this page several in the future. Have you found our insights truly eye-opening? Could we have missed an issue or two which may be equally vital? Kindly let us know in the comm comment section below.

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